10 Careers for People Who Can't Sit Still


Event Planning

Event planners handle everything from weddings to expos.
Event planners handle everything from weddings to expos.

Do you have a knack for throwing great parties or get-togethers? Event planning takes both mental and physical energy. Parties, galas, premiers and receptions are just a few soirees that people hire event planners to coordinate. Even in a down economy, the wedding planning business thrives. Then there are corporate meetings, conferences and sporting events like the Olympics that can draw hundreds of thousands of participants and require teams of event planners to manage.

You may be a salaried event planner working for an organization or you may work for an event planning business and serve multiple clients. There are also dream gigs that include working as a personal concierge to a VIP, requiring you to fly your client's guests by private jet to a secret, undisclosed location, for example. Now that beats sitting still.

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