10 Careers for People Who Can't Sit Still



Flight attendants are never in one place for long.
Flight attendants are never in one place for long.
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Careers in the transportation industry run the gamut from local and long-distance delivery driver, mover and rail conductor to shipping agent and pilot. In any of these roles, you'll find that no two days are the same, offering adventure and challenges that people who can't sit still thrive on.

  • Flight attendants can start the day off in Atlanta and close out their shift in Mumbai.
  • A truck driver can pick up a load of fresh oranges in Florida one night and get them to market in New York the next morning.
  • Garbage collectors keep things moving. Sure it's a dirty job, but hauling waste is also time-sensitive, so you've got to work fast and smart to come out smelling like a rose.
  • School bus drivers have to be able to manage dozens of children while safely driving, one route at a time.

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