10 Careers Where You Can Eat for a Living

Food Blogger
Operating a food blog is one way for gastro-enthusiasts to turn their passion into profitability. Hero Images/Getty Images

When food is your passion, and you want to share your knowledge with the world, food blogging is a great platform with which to do it. You can blog about anything: your own creations, recipes, favorite restaurants, favorite chefs, best places in the world to eat, local fare or specific types of food. The endless possibilities explain why there are hundreds of food bloggers out there. So how do you make your food blog stand out from the rest?

The most successful food bloggers find a niche and stick with it. You could specialize in writing only about cupcakes, for instance, or the best taco places in Florida, or how to pair the perfect wine with a meal. If you're an amateur chef, you can post your own recipes. Successful food writer David Lebovitz also stresses the importance of good photography skills. "Use photos to tell the story," he writes. "A nice picture is one thing, but your photos should augment the text, or vice-versa. Show the process, not just the end result" [source: Lebovitz]. Soon enough, you may find yourself with a devoted following.

Get enough attention as a food blogger and you might actually effect change. Vani Hari, also known as the controversial blogger The Food Babe, has launched several successful petitions against companies that she believes have dangerous ingredients in their food. Her public support convinced Subway to change their bread recipe and Kraft to remove certain dyes from its macaroni and cheese [source: Hamblin].