10 Careers Where You Can Eat for a Living

Food Scientist
There's serious science behind the creation, packaging, delivery and storage of thousands of food products – and that science needs scientists. Wladimir Bulgar/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Stand in the middle of your supermarket and take a look around. Just about every edible item is the work of a food scientist. Most foods, processed and unprocessed, need food scientists to make sure they arrive on your table safe and unspoiled. Food scientists do everything from developing flavors and textures to calculating the nutritional value of foods to adding vitamins to existing products. And yes, this can involve tasting the results of your work.

Food scientists work with engineers to develop ways to mass-produce foods and ensure quality control methods. There's a reason every cookie in the box looks and tastes exactly the same, one never cooked more or less than the other, and why they all fit so perfectly in the box. They figure out ways to take existing foods and enrich them with vitamins and minerals to make them better. Low fat, cholesterol fighters, extra beta-carotene, gluten-free, dairy free, meat substitutes — all of these foods or food additives are developed by food scientists.

Rebecca Skolmutch has a job that mixes food science and fun. She works at Disney to ensure all Disney-branded food products meet certain health and nutrition standards. Recently, her team came up with the idea of flavored apple slices to make fruit appeal more to children [source: Gill].