10 Careers Where You Can Eat for a Living

Professional Taster
Tasting as a profession can include sampling different variations of a product or recipe and offering specific feedback. Westend61/Getty Images

Professional food tasters are, as you might imagine, paid to taste food all day. Tasters typically work for a specific company helping develop new products by testing variations of ingredients, textures and flavors. Many professional tasters have degrees in nutrition. Taste is just a small part of creating a food product; ingredients obviously matter as well.

A typical day in the life of a food taster might include sampling alternate versions of the same product and giving an assessment of each. You'd judge things on taste (of course), mouthfeel, appearance and ratio of ingredients (for example, are there enough raisins in each spoonful of this cereal?). Wondering how to make it through a food tasting career without gaining 100 pounds (45 kilograms)? According to Kirsten Hoskissen, a professional food taster, that can be tricky. Sometimes she can spit out the food, but also notes that we do have some taste buds in the back of the throat, so that's not always an option [source: Insley]. So if you do take this delicious job, be ready to exercise during your lunch hour.