Career Opportunities for Retired Police Officers
Bodyguards at work.

Most police officers have put in enough service to retire, but they're still young enough to excel at a second career.


You've put in your 25 years of service, and now it's time for you to hang up your gun and retire. The trouble is that you're still too young to contemplate moving to an oceanfront condominium and sitting idly by the pool all day. You want to stay active, and you've still got a lot of wage-earning years ahead of you.

Fortunately, the skills you've learned on the force can take you into many different second careers, from a private security detail to loss prevention to bounty hunting. Now that you're off the force, the choice is up to you. You can stay where the action is by helping to catch criminals, or you can opt for a cushier desk job where your greatest risk is getting a paper cut.

Here's a look at five exciting job opportunities for officers who've served their time and are now looking for a different kind of career challenge.