Movies About Becoming a Grown-up

Some movies about growing up are a fun way to start a family conversation.


As parents, one of our biggest jobs, along with nurturing and protecting our children, is to help them become adults. But the exact steps you take to become a grown-up are hard to define. Mostly, it's about holding yourself accountable for actions and learning to make decisions responsibly. Sometimes, it's about challenging authority -- or assuming it. It's about love and heartbreak, betrayal and forgiveness -- or accepting that forgiveness isn't an option. It can mean mustering the courage and confidence to break away from the familiar and comfortable, and venture into the greater world down uncertain paths. Occasionally, being grown-up means admitting that you're not ready to be.

It's a tough, long road to become an adult. It requires guidance, advice and conversation. Fortunately, there are movies that compress the road to adulthood -- or critical portions of it -- into a family-friendly story that gives parents, tweens and teens an opening to discuss certain aspects of leaving childhood and growing into adulthood. Here are 10 of them.