Shop Indie
Girls' dresses hanging on a rack in a store.

One potentially overwhelming benefit of shopping online is the vast selection you'll encounter versus that at your local shops.


When you buy your child's clothing from an independent retailer with an online presence, it's like shopping local. Although getting the items shipped to you may have a greater environmental impact than walking or riding a bike to a nearby shop, you can still feel good about supporting artisans and small business owners, and your efforts will be rewarded with high-quality garments backed by a high level of personalized customer service.

Web sites like Heartsy and Etsy and directories like Handmade Clothes can help you find clothing and other goods sold by independent retailers and crafters, and you can search each site's offerings to find the clothing styles and sizes that match your child's needs. As a bonus, your kid won't be dressed like every other child whose parent shops at the mall. Plus, you may have the option to get the clothes custom-made to fit your child's measurements, and they'll be constructed with better fabrics and greater care than a garment bought off the rack at a discount store -- meaning they'll last long enough for more than one kid to outgrow them.