Check Return Policies
A father helps his son try on shoes at a store.

If you find a good deal with a bad return policy, see if you can find the product locally to make sure the size will be correct.


There's one downside to shopping for children's clothing online: You can't have your kid try the clothes on to see how they fit. However, if you shop at online stores with terrific return policies, you'll never have to regret purchasing clothing that doesn't fit your child's size or style. Many retailers post the details of their return policies on their Web sites; otherwise, you can call for details before making a purchase.

The best online return policies don't have time limits on when you can make a return or exchange, and don't require extensive documentation. Not all retailers take a "no questions asked" approach to returns, which may leave you without recourse if you didn't keep the packing form and online receipt or failed to make the return during the acceptable time limit, which can vary by retailer.

If you live in the U.S. and have a dispute with a U.S.-based online retailer, you can lodge a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. For companies located outside the U.S., you can report an online shopping complaint at Econsumer, a division of the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network that shares information between international consumer protection agencies.