5 Gifts You'll Be Waiting in Line for This Holiday Season

Blackberry Storm
John Mayer already has Verizon's BlackBerry Storm.
John Mayer already has Verizon's BlackBerry Storm.
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No one who's anyone uses a phone just to call people these days. And the hottest phones on the market make great holiday gifts.

The iPhone recently outpaced the Motorola Razr as the most popular phone among consumers [source: Zibreg]. Its newest iteration, the 3G, has already sold out in presale. But RIM (the company that manufactures BlackBerry) hopes to give Apple a run for its money. The BlackBerry has become the icon of the business world, but Verizon's BlackBerry Storm takes slick smartphone technology a step further.

One of the most buzzed about Storm features is its clickable touch screen that gives users a little more control than the iPhone's touch screen. It also boasts two touch screen keypad options: BlackBerry's signature SureType when the phone is vertical and a QWERTY keypad when horizontal [source: Segan]. Although slightly smaller and heavier than the iPhone, the Storm's screen has a higher resolution and better camera pixel quality. If you're eyeing a Storm for someone on your gift list, remember that like AT&T's deal with iPhones, Verizon is the exclusive service provider for the BlackBerry Storm.

The jury is still out on whether the Storm can weather the iPhone's superstar status. The smartphone has received mixed reviews so far, but the legions of BlackBerry addicts could turn the tide this holiday season.

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