5 Internet Careers for Retirees


eBay or Etsy Business Owner

While some people start out on eBay selling treasures found in their attic or while cleaning out closets, they soon catch the bug to build their own online store. What you sell depends on your special interests and areas of expertise. Success stories about eBay entrepreneurs involving retirees are plentiful and promising, whether you choose to specialize in country antiques or garage sale collectibles, buying excess inventory from local warehouses, or selling refurbished machinery to other countries. Getting started is as easy as visiting eBay's Seller Information Center to learn about the sales approach that works for you.

If you love crafts and making things, etsy.com offers an excellent way to find buyers for your creative wares, as long as they are handmade or vintage. If painting, jewelry, textiles, or pottery is your passion, you'll find tools and workshops on the site to help you make the most of this online marketplace.