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How the 2008 Tax Rebates Work

When will I get my tax rebate check?

A mockup of a tax rebate check awaits members of Congress before an April, 2008 news conference on the tax rebate.
A mockup of a tax rebate check awaits members of Congress before an April, 2008 news conference on the tax rebate.
Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images

The IRS has developed a systematic approach to dispensing rebate money. The system is based on the last two digits of your Social Security number.

If you have established a direct deposit/debit relationship with the IRS:


  • SSN 00 to 20: IRS will begin deposits on May 2
  • SSN 21 to 75: May 9
  • SSN 76 to 99: May 16 [source: IRS]

If paper is your thing:

  • SSN 00 to 09: IRS will begin mailing checks on May 16
  • SSN 10 to 18: May 23
  • SSN 19 to 25: May 30
  • SSN 26 to 38: June 6
  • SSN 39 to 51: June 13
  • SSN 52 to 63: June 20
  • SSN 64 to 75: June 27
  • SSN 88 to 99: July 11 [source: IRS]

If filing jointly, the last two digits of the SSN of the first person listed on your return will determine when you get the rebate.

Also, the earlier you file, the sooner the IRS can process your return and therefore send you your rebate. You midnight filers and folks that filed extensions will have to wait a little longer.

Now, if you didn't qualify this year, take heart. If your tax situation changes to meet the rebate requirements, you could receive a rebate for your 2008 tax return. Hang on to the rebate letters the IRS sent you, as they will serve as records of why you weren't eligible this year.

If you'd like to know more about the 2008 income tax rebate, income taxes in general and related topics, you can follow the links on the following page.

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