10 Worst Mistakes to Make on Your Taxes

Which tax mistakes are you most likely to regret? See our list for answers. See our creative tax deduction pictures. iStock/Thinkstock

Yes, it's really happening again. As surely as spring follows winter and indigestion follows lunch at Long John Silver's, Tax Day will soon be upon us. File all the extensions you want, my procrastinating friend, but that blank 1040 isn't going anywhere. If there is a silver lining on the charcoal-black tax cloud that will soon engulf us, it's that you can avoid the very worst fate — an (IRS) audit — by dodging the 10 worst mistakes you can make on your taxes.

Should you prepare your tax return yourself or hire a tax pro? Do you really need to keep old business receipts for years and years, or can you throw a shredding party? Is itemizing deductions worth the headache? Keep reading for tips from tax experts and the big bad IRS itself for making the U.S. tax season as painless as possible (warning: still quite painful).