10 Tax Questions You Probably Don't Ask

Are you an aggressive or conservative accountant?
You probably don’t want an accountant to be THIS aggressive. © g-stockstudio/iStockphoto

There's no right or wrong answer to this question. Everyone has to decide what is right for themselves. You just want to find an accountant whose tax approach is similar to your own. For example, some accountants encourage clients to write off every deduction possible, while others may think deductions have big, glowing lights around them, drawing IRS auditors like moths to a flame.

Think about where you fall on this spectrum. Are you a gambler, figuring your chances of an audit are low? Does the idea of taking certain deductions make your stomach sink? Accountants come in all shapes, sizes and philosophies. Find one who best matches your approach, but who can help gently nudge you in the right direction if a good savings opportunity presents itself.