10 Tax Questions You Probably Don't Ask

Are there things I should consult with you about year-round?
There’s no reason to save up all of your financial questions for tax-season visits with your accountant. She’s there year-round! © Gajus/iStockphoto

Look for an accountant who will develop a relationship with you and work to understand your business. This will ensure that if you have questions throughout the year about your taxes, finances or bookkeeping practices, your accountant can help you with the answers and keep you updated on changes in the tax code that may affect your business. That way, you're not left scrambling to find the answers as tax day approaches.

Some of the things you may want to consult with your accountant about throughout the year are the tax implications of hiring a contractor vs. an employee or moving from a home office to leased space. Keeping the lines of communication open will help both your comfort level and your finances.