10 Tax Questions You Probably Don't Ask

Can household expenses and equipment be business deductions?
If you use your car for business, you may be able to deduct related expenses. © g-stockstudio/iStockphoto

If you run a business out of your home, you can use the simplified home office deduction mentioned in the previous tip and also claim a portion of your home operating expenses, such as your mortgage payment, utilities and Internet and phone bill. You may also be able to claim equipment you use for business, including your computer, printer, phone, fax (does anybody still use those?) and office supplies.

Auto expenses may also be deductible if you use your vehicle for business. You cannot claim both the mileage deduction and operating expenses, such as maintenance, gas and insurance. So, talk with your accountant about the rules and how they apply in your situation.

Author's Note: 10 Tax Questions You Probably Didn't Ask

As I was writing this, I found myself reading more of the IRS website than I ever imagined possible. Much to my surprise, it's well-written. The information is clear, concise and generally makes sense. So if you have questions beyond the scope of this list, peruse the IRS site. After all, it's your tax dollars at work.

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How the IRS Works

How the IRS Works

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