10 Useful Tax Day Apps for Your Smartphone


Ask a CPA

Accountants aren't cheap. That's why so many Americans choose to do their taxes themselves, for better or worse. But wouldn't it be great if you had a CPA cousin you could call for free advice, or at least someone to translate the IRS gibberish into real English? The Ask a CPA app might be the next best thing.

This free tax reference tool for the iPhone and iPad features a searchable and browse-able database of tax terms and plain-English explanations. Categories include adoption expenses, C corporations, casualty losses, household employees, rental expenses and many more. But even better, if you can't find an answer in the database, you can ask the app a question that will be answered directly by a CPA in your area. If you think you need additional help, the app can refer you to a local registered CPA in the flesh.

While there are several tax reference apps available, Ask a CPA gets rave reviews in the iTunes store -- even from accountants.