10 IRS Rules for the Home Office Deduction

Don't Forget to Claim It
Once you've done all this work, don’t forget to include the deduction on your return! tab1962/iStockphoto/ThinkStock

This brings us to our last rule, which is pretty simple itself: Don't forget to claim your home office deduction if you earn it. While we've wagged a lot of fingers to discourage you from claiming a deduction you don't deserve, the point remains that a lot of people are not taking the home office deduction simply because it seems complicated or makes them fear an audit.

In reality, you should absolutely be comfortable claiming a home office deduction if you meet all the requirements, and it could save you some tax money. Even the IRS has acknowledged that the former actual expense rules were needlessly complicated for most small business owners or self-employed professionals. Adding the simplified deduction was designed to make it easier to claim a home office, so have at it.

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