5 Unexpected Perks of Online Banking


Bank from a Mobile Phone

Want an even more convenient way to manage your money on the go? Look no further than your smartphone. According to a Billing Household Survey by Fiserv Inc., more than 6 million people paid bills using smartphones between May 2010 and May 2011 [source: Rapport]. Smartphones allow users to access funds and account balances anywhere, any time of day, as long as the phone has Internet coverage and a Web browser or app for your bank.

Do you often wonder if you have enough cash in your account to pick up the check at dinner? Banks like Citibank allow users to check their account balance remotely by sending a simple text message [source: Kats]. Your bank can then notify you if your balance is dangerously low or if fraudulent activity is detected -- helping you stay connected and informed about your finances 24 hours a day.

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