Should your teen work for the family?

By: Contributors

Teens often work to help pay for their own expenses or to help their families.

This is especially true in low-income families, or in families that are facing difficulties and are in a stressful economic situation. Unfortunately, teens in such a situation might feel pressured to work more than they should, and that may affect their academic achievements and even their health.


Work experience is a positive thing for teens, and they can work during the summer vacation and sometimes for a limited number of hours during the school year. They may have much to gain, including life experience, a sense of responsibility and essential skills, but they also have much to lose. Teens who work too much often don't sleep enough and don't do as well in school. Many teens do not work at all, regardless of their socio-economic situation. Most work less than 20 hours per week, but some work more than that, which may result in their being less involved in school.