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Apartment Supply Checklist

Start collecting boxes well before your scheduled move.
Start collecting boxes well before your scheduled move.

A supply checklist is perhaps the most helpful inventory you can have on-hand. All kinds of general materials you'll need before or after you move go on this tally. Categories include: cleaning agents, tools, moving equipment like cardboard boxes and dollies, and anything else you can think of. Some common individual items are shelving, drawer liners, shower curtain liners, back brace belt for support and newspapers and bubble wrap (if you don't have professional movers helping you). This tends to be a sizable list.

I like to knock out this one on the computer in Excel because the grid format lets me create columns that I can easily use to order my list: item name, date needed, store that carries it, price, room it's going in. Print out a copy; cross off and add entries in pen when you're not around a computer. Update those changes in the Excel file every week or so as needed, printing off a new copy to work from each time.

If you're tight on time, you may want to categorize items by the stores that carry them. This way, you can get everything in one place at one time, instead of buying supplies piecemeal over the course of multiple trips.

Another great way to use a supply list is to buy items for specific rooms all at one time. For example, if your current kitchen needs some deep cleaning to pass an upcoming walk-through with your landlord, buy the oven cleaner, heavy-duty mop, scrub pads and everything else you need at one time, get the job done, then buy items for the next move-out project.

One set of supplies that you might forget is food for fuel on moving day. To stay hydrated and energized, pick up bottled water and snacks that don't require utensils or plates, such as apples or granola bars. And speaking from personal experience, an ice-cold beer after a long day moving is a great reward worth putting on this list!

Handling a big life decision like moving is a major milestone in growing up and expressing your individuality. Can you guess what's coming up on our next new apartment checklist?