New Apartment Checklist

Apartment Furniture Checklist

Before you move, it's helpful to create three different furniture checklists. First, do a walk-through of your home, working your way from room to room, writing down all the furniture pieces you want to keep. This rundown is helpful once you unpack: Either cross off items as you go or after you've finished as a way to make sure nothing was left behind or lost.

While you're forming this first checklist, draw up another one for pieces you don't want to keep. Remember, this is a perfect time to simplify your life by ditching the things you don't use or like. You can always find replacements that you dig a lot more, or simply enjoy your home with less clutter. Whatever you decide to do -- donate your haul to a charity, give it to a friend or sell it at a garage sale or on Craigslist -- get rid of this stuff! Use the list to hold yourself accountable as well as to organize and track your progress.

Lastly, about a month before you start boxing up your belongings, start recording any furniture you need to buy. Use this list to guide you in shopping for sales and sticking to your budget. Because furniture can easily get damaged during a move, I'd recommend shopping for these additions after you've moved into your new place. However, if your employer is paying for relocation costs, it can be much less expensive to buy everything you need before you move so that you don't have to foot the bill for delivery.