5 Tips for the First-time Saver


Use Automatic Deposit

Online bill paying can save you both time and money.
Online bill paying can save you both time and money.

Your computer is good for a lot more than just surfing the Web and keeping up with your social network -- it can also help you save money.

Most employers use direct deposit to pay their workers and will deposit the money into more than one bank account if you want them to. This makes it much easier to save. If the money is never in your hand, you're less likely to spend it. Decide how much you can spare from each paycheck -- most financial planners recommend at least 10 percent of your total income if you're in your 20s -- and have that amount automatically deposited into savings. You can also make technology work for you by taking advantage of online bill pay. Most banks offer this service free of charge. You can also get the online bill pay system to remind you when your bills are coming due, to avoid those massive late fees.

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