10 Tips for Your Apartment Search


Regarding Furry Boarders

Be prepared to pay extra if your roommates are of the nonhuman variety. Virtually all apartment complexes charge extra fees and deposits to renters with pets to cover any potential damages your furry friend may incur. Chewing, scratching and carpet-wetting problems and lingering animal odors are so common and costly that many complexes won't accept pets at all.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per dog, though many apartments won't allow large pooches or multiple animals to inhabit a single apartment. Some complexes charge less for cats, though you'll still probably end up paying several hundred dollars for some feline companionship. Pets like hamsters, fish and snakes aren't usually such a big deal, as most landlords won't charge you anything to hang out with a creature that spends most of its time in an aquarium or tank.