10 Tips for Your Apartment Search


Look Past the Models

You've found a great complex in a good neighborhood and have even managed to stay on budget. You're almost ready to cut a check for your deposit, but there's still one thing left to do: go see your actual apartment.

Model apartments are specifically designed to showcase the best a complex has to offer, so even though you toured a series of spacious, sunlit rooms overlooking a pool and a beautiful wooded area, there's no guarantee your apartment won't be in a dark corner that faces a parking lot.

If your specific apartment is currently occupied, ask to see some other recently vacated units with a similar floor plan. Find out where your apartment is located, and give it a walk-by. If it's not to your liking, let your prospective landlord know. Many complexes try to fill up their least desirable spaces first, so chances are you'll be given a better-situated home if you ask.

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