10 "Kid" Habits to Hold On To


Living in the Moment

Have you ever wondered why time seems to pass more quickly as you get older? David Eagleman, a neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, believes that childhood memories create the illusion of stretching time because they're so rich in detail. The more intense the memory, the more time seems protracted when you look back on it. The flip side of that notion is that the more cursory a memory happens to be, the faster the experience of it will feel.

How many times have you driven to work without remembering much of the ride because your mind was on something else? Experiencing a richer existence may be as easy as finding ways to live in the moment instead of zoning out. For kids, there's no cruise control on life. If you want the full measure for all your days, slow down and pay closer attention to the little things. When you find your mind wandering, change your focus. Remain in the here and now. This is where the action is.

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