10 "Kid" Habits to Hold On To

Never lose your laugh.
Never lose your laugh.

Your son's latest temper tantrum may seem like a punishment inflicted on you by an unfeeling cosmos, but part of you still has to admire the kid's style. When he wants something, he wants it wholeheartedly. When's the last time you felt that passionate about anything?

Although it's probably a good idea to lose the kicking and screaming, you can learn some important lessons from the focused commitment your son's exhibiting, even if it's directed at blackmailing you into offering him a pre-dinner cookie. Kids have a lot to learn, but even at a young age, they also have some useful habits that will serve them well in adulthood -- if they can manage to hold onto them. Let's take a look at 10 kid-centric traits that every grown-up should have in his bag of tricks.

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