How can I plan a fun "stay-cation"?

Go Out

You can't spend your entire stay-cation in the house. Well, you can, but we wouldn't recommend it. What better time to get out and about? You might not be touring California wine country or taking a gondola ride through Venice, but you should definitely pencil in a day trip or two, just to spice things up.

We bet you can name a bunch of local attractions you've never seen, even if you've lived your whole life in one place. Or maybe you've just moved to a new town and haven't had time to explore. Either way, a stay-cation is the perfect opportunity to cross these spots off your to-do list. Pretend you're tourists for a day -- you can even get crazy and adopt new identities. Why not? It could allow you to see your town (and yourself) in a whole new light. Or you could . . .

Take the kids to a water park. Catch a ballgame. Pick blueberries. Bike to a park and have a picnic. Check out a museum. Take in some local theater. Go bowling. Make sure you pick activities that everyone's on board with, though, because there's nothing worse than spending the day with a kid who never wants to get back on his bike or one who whines through a baseball game. If one person isn't happy, the whole gang will be brought down.

While a stay-cation is an economical endeavor, you don't have to totally deprive yourself. On the next page we'll suggest a few ways to splurge.