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Money Game 2: Play. Learn. Earn.
Put critical financial information in the palm of your hand with Money Game, a free app with trivia and fun, easy-to-understand tools to take your financial education to the next level.
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Powered by the SunTrust Foundation, United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Money Game 2 is the re-launch of Money Game, a free mobile application providing a new way for people to become engaged in a subject that some may consider boring – financial wellbeing. Optimized for iOS and Android smartphones, the application uses financial trivia to motivate users to learn how to become financially self-sufficient so they can do more than live from paycheck to paycheck. And the education doesn’t stop there. Users can obtain financial education certification – often a prerequisite for home buying or starting an Individual Development Account (IDA). New this year, the mobile application has also been optimized for desktops for use in classrooms and other educational purposes.