Top 5 Law School Admissions Tips

Select a School That Suits You

To apply to law school successfully, it makes sense to look into the schools that are best suited to your academic background, areas of interest, test scores and undergraduate GPA. "U.S. News and World Report" publishes an annual roundup of the best accredited law schools that might be an excellent place to start [source: U.S. News and World Report].

Spend some time browsing the Web sites of the law schools that interest you and studying the student body profiles of those schools. You'll find a wealth of information about median test scores and GPAs, as well as demographic profiles, undergraduate institutions represented and previous areas of study.

If your LSAT scores and grades are in the very top percentile of applications, then you should consider the most highly ranked law schools. Even if your scores aren't top notch, there are many excellent schools where you can study and prepare for a successful legal career.

Finally, know what type of law you interested in practicing and where. If business or international law fascinates you, Columbia Law School may be the right choice. Perhaps you've set your sights on a career in Washington, D.C.; Yale or Harvard could help you develop the contacts to make it in government, or you can head straight to the capital by studying at Georgetown or American University. If your ideal situation is your own office on some small-town Main Street, look for a school in the region you want to practice.

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