How to Save Money on Your Cable Bill

Tips for Lowering Your Cable Bill

The good news is that you can reduce your cable bill without giving up cable completely; you just have to be a savvy consumer to maximize your savings. Some simple solutions include bundling your Internet, telephone and cable services and dropping expensive channels that you don't watch enough. After you've figured out the best package and channels for you, call your cable company about special rates they offer. Simply by inquiring, you'll often get something for free.

Ask about bundling some premium channels with your package, and you might be able to get a premium channel for free for six months. After six months drop the channel, wait a month and call back. You may get the channel for free again.

Most importantly, remember that the world of cable TV is a buyer's market. With the advent of online programming, cable companies desperately want to keep customers, so they likely will offer you free or discounted services if you call about your bill.

Contact the customer retention department if you don't have luck with a customer service representative. Tell them how long you have been a customer, and mention what other companies are offering. Inquire about promotional rates, and focus on price before discussing new free channels. This will help to minimize your bill; after you've negotiated a plan price, you then can discuss the possibility of getting additional channels.

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