How to Save Money on Your Cable Bill

How and When to Reevaluate Your Cable Bill

According to a study by the Convergence Consulting Group, an estimated 1 million people cut off their cable services in 2011. In 2012, a projected 930,000 are likely to walk away. And what's more, only 112,000 new subscribers signed on for cable services, a huge decline from the average of 2 million per year from 2000 to 2008. Clearly, a lot of people are evaluating seriously whether or not it's worth it to keep cable services.

But before you decide to cut the cord, evaluate your monthly cable bill. Any time it increases (which is about once a year) you should reevaluate it. Consider how much TV you actually watch per month, and decide if the fees are worth it. You might find that you're paying an exorbitant amount of money per hour for the TV that you watch. Especially if your main viewing is on broadcast channels you could pick up for free with an antenna.

If you subscribe to premium channels such as Showtime or HBO, determine whether or not this is really a good investment. Do you watch the programming enough to warrant the extra cost? For example, if you're only tuning into HBO to watch one show, can you justify the monthly expense? You might be better off just renting the DVDs. Check to see if your cable service provides a core package of programming that best suits your viewing interests. By cutting out some more expensive channels, you will be able to reduce your monthly bill.