How to Make Money Blogging

The Four Types of Bloggers

While all bloggers post content to the Web in much the same way, they do it for a variety of reasons. Some simply blog for fun, without the expectation or desire for compensation. Others try to make money with their blogs, earning income from a number of different sources. Then there are those who already offer a product or service, but use their blogs to promote their businesses and gain new clients or customers. Below is a list of the four different types of bloggers, as identified by Technorati:

  1. Hobbyists. This is by far the largest group in the blogosphere, the Web's extensive network of blogs. Hobbyists account for some 60 percent of all bloggers and tend to write about their lives and interests without any real expectation of income.
  2. Professionals. Eighteen percent of bloggers consider themselves professionals. These independent bloggers can be broken down into two subgroups: part-timers and full-timers. Part-timers, which represent 72 percent of this group, supplement their existing income with blogging. The remaining 28 percent are full-timers, who earn their entire income from their blogs. Professionals blog about a wide variety of topics, including personal musings, parenting, sports, politics and technology.
  3. Corporate. Companies or organizations pay these bloggers to post on the company Web site either full-time or as part of their full-time jobs. Corporate bloggers (who make up 8 percent of all bloggers) typically share expertise, promote their brand and try to attract new clients. Grocery chain Whole Foods hires a team of writers to post daily on its Whole Story blog with kids' recipe ideas, healthy eating tips, new products and behind-the-scenes stories about its producers and growers.
  4. Entrepreneurs. Like corporate bloggers, entrepreneurs maintain blogs to share expertise, promote their brand and attract new clients. However, entrepreneurs are not hired simply to blog; they actually own the companies or organizations they're promoting. This group represents 13 percent of all bloggers.

Of course, knowing the different types of bloggers isn't enough to turn your personal blog into a virtual money tree. Read on for some specific tips on how to make money blogging