How to Lower My Cell Phone Bill

In this day and age, the only certain things in life are death, taxes and cell phone bills. The bill used to be reasonable, but now with smartphones, WiFi and text messaging, our cell phone bills have slowly crept up. With minimal research and a little effort, you can start paying less each month. Read the tips listed below and learn about how you can lower your cell phone bill.

  1. Manners The saying, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar," rings true when lowering your cell phone bill. Call your mobile phone provider, and ask them what they can do to help you lower your bill. You may be astounded by the results. [source: Schultz] Remember to speak in a calm, direct and polite manner. You're more likely to make progress if you're pleasant to the customer service representative than if you come on strong.
  2. Negotiate Couple the polite manners with negotiations. Tell the customer service representative that you're considering changing providers. This tactic works especially well if you're nearing the end of a contract or are willing to sign a new one [source: Schultz].
  3. Research Often cell phone users miscalculate how much they actually use their cell phone. Review your cell phone bill and calculate how many minutes you use and how many text messages you send. There may be another plan that better suits your cell phone usage [source: Todorova].
  4. Avoid 411 In the past, calling 411 from a cell phone was free, but times have changed. Many carriers charge up to $1.50 for each 411 inquiry [source: Rowan]. Search for the information online or use a pay phone to call 411…if you can find one!
  5. Skim off the top You may be paying for a lot of extras, like roadside assistance, that you never use. Review your cell phone bill and see if you're paying for services you don't need. Remember, those few dollars add up. [source: Todorova]