How to Cut Household Pet Expenses

Low-cost Pet Acquisition Tips

The hypnotizing magic of ordinary yarn!
The hypnotizing magic of ordinary yarn!
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Let's start from the beginning: You've decided to acquire a new pet. It just makes good sense to commence your search at local pounds, shelters and other rescue organizations. You probably have an inkling of some of the qualities you want your pet to possess, but who's to say an animal meeting those specifications isn't already languishing away waiting for a forever family to adopt it.

If you go the rescue route, you'll enjoy lots of discounts on aspects of acquiring a pet like adoption fees, shots, exams, licenses and microchipping. (If it's an older animal, that typically defrays the cost even further.) If your heart is set on a purebred pet, you can often still find one from rescue operations, but consider mutts if you're looking to save money. They tend to be healthier in the long run.