How to Cut Household Pet Expenses

Image Gallery: Pets "I may not be a fancy purebred dog, but I'm still a very good boy." See more pictures of pets.

The raging debate between dog lovers and cat lovers on the superiority and awesomeness of the two respective species will likely continue in perpetuity unless some major development occurs, like dogs stepping up to cure cancer or cats managing to end world hunger. But one thing people on both sides can probably agree on is that animal companionship offers priceless moments. Everything from cuddling up with your cat on the couch after a bad day to watching your dog frolic in the yard on an early spring morning can bring smiles to affectionate owners' faces.

What's not priceless is the endless stream of pet food, collars, tags, leashes, toys, litter and veterinary visits that come with owning a fur-covered cohort. So to make sure your pet doesn't drain an abundance of funds, browse through the following tips.