How to Cut Household Grocery Expenses

Bargain-hunting for Supermarket Savings

If you learn how to properly bargain hunt and work the system, you'll start finding that many of your purchases are practically steals. One of the most basic ways to save at the store is to use coupons. You can maximize your savings by using them when a store is also running a sale on the things you have coupons for, when they're allowing double or triple coupons or when they allow you to combine store and manufacturer coupons.

There are other ways to get the best deals possible. If you are able to wait for something you need, don't buy it until it goes on sale. Most grocery products have a 12-week cycle before reverting back to a special price [source: Couponing 101]. You can also compare product prices from store to store. Check out supermarkets' mailers and online flyers to scope out the best bargains. This may mean you have to drive to several different stores for your grocery shopping; however, it shouldn't create extra expense unless you are going well out of your way. And try to combine your trips: If there's a great sale on chuck near the dry cleaners, you'll save some cash and fuel.

While you're grocery shopping, be sure to look out for marketing strategies that may cause you to spend more. For example, if something is three for $5, you don't necessarily have to buy all three to get a discount. Unless it is otherwise stated, you can often get the sale price on just one item. Also be sure to compare prices of multiple small items against singular large packs. Buying in bulk can save you money, but not always -- so pay attention to the per-unit costs [source: Quizzle].

With these strategies, you're sure to cut your grocery expenses and win the war against high costs. Look for lots more information below.

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