5 Ways to Save Money with a Baby


Don't Shy Away From Hand-me-downs.

Hand-me-downs are one of the best ways you can save money with your baby. Don't be afraid to ask friends and family for items they can pass down to you! This goes for almost anything: clothing, bouncers, bedding and even toys. Because babies grow so fast, you may only need certain things for a short period of time -- especially clothing -- so dropping lots of cash on items that your kid will outgrow or lose interest in within a few weeks or months isn't worth the investment. Plus, it makes no difference to your babe if he's sporting the newest, most fashionable onesies or if he's wearing used but still super-cute garb.

Don't forget about consignment stores, too. There are tons of shops that specialize in reselling baby items, and you're bound to find some treasures there for a whole lot less than what you'd pay elsewhere.