5 Ways to Save Money Raising Kids



Go fresh or go home!
Go fresh or go home!
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Your monthly grocery bill is most likely one of the biggest line items in your family's budget. Clipping coupons is an obvious way to save some cash, but that really only applies to name brand packaged foods. You could buy generic, but that still comes in a box or a can. What about trying to feed your family fresh food on a budget?

For starters, skip the specialty and gourmet stores and head to your nearest farmer's markets for fresh, organic produce that was probably grown pretty close to your house. Better yet, grow your own. You can plant a small kitchen garden with enough veggies to get you through a couple of seasons for much cheaper than you can buy it. And best of all, your kids can get involved in the garden. Not only will that help cut down time on maintenance for you, but it will give them a hands-on appreciation of where their food comes from.