5 Ways to Save Money on Flights


Sign up for Alerts

Another great way to save money on air travel is by signing up for online alerts designed to inform you about great deals. These alerts often promote deeply discounted fares on a few seats in order to earn the airlines some goodwill and free word-of-mouth advertising. Most carriers allow you to sign up for these messages on their Web sites and customize them to your favored airport. Many alerts are delivered by e-mail, but airlines are now using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to distribute them as well. In fact, airlines have been known to give away last-minute deals on flights via Twitter and Facebook for as little as $30 [source: Frommer].

You can also receive alerts through a number of third-party Web sites, which will send you alerts about low prices on a variety of airlines. These sites, like Farecompare.com and Airfarewatchdog.com, search airline data and let you know when a great fare becomes available for your area. Whichever method you choose to receive alerts, remember that cheap tickets typically go very quickly, so it's important to act fast.