5 Ways to Cut Your Monthly Living Expenses


Stay Informed

It's an all-too-common story. The hustle and bustle of daily life doesn't give you the time to make smart financial decisions that'll reduce your monthly expenses and plan for the long term. But, as it turns out, it doesn't necessarily take long if you embrace the latest technological advances.

Secure software applications like Mint.com will assimilate all your bank accounts, investments, bills and expenses and send recommendations and reminders to your smart phone or e-mail account so you don't have to manage it [source: Mint]. Such applications are like having a coach and financial adviser with you as you work and play. Maybe it's just a gentle nudge to say "your spending on clothes this month is unusually high," or "it might be best to avoid this high-priced outing." Staying informed has the potential to save you a great deal of money.

Cutting monthly expenses is about realizing that, yes, "a penny saved is a penny earned," but repairing the holes in your piggy bank is helpful, too.

Ready to slash your spending and start saving? Visit the links and resources below to get started.

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