5 Tips for Saving Money on a Family Vacation


Change Your Eating Habits

Vacation is the perfect time to change your eating habits. No, we're not suggesting you go on an all-kale diet. We're not even talking about reducing calories. After all, it's your time to indulge. In this case, changing your eating habits has more to do with the where and when than with the what.

Going out for every meal will wreck a vacation budget like an inexperienced sailor on a coral reef. If you want to enjoy a meal at a restaurant, consider planning it for lunchtime when prices are more likely to be lower. Stock up on snacks and drinks so you don't have to pay $12 for a tuna sandwich. You can even keep it simple -- throw a few steaks on the vacation rental grill (if you've gone that route), crack open a few beverages from the local grocery store, and feast until your eyes bulge out. Frugality never tasted so good.