5 Tips for Saving Money on Family Plane Tickets

Get Creative

The airlines can be pretty cagy, so you have to get cagy yourself to score good deals. Here's an example: When you shop for airfares online, deals can change depending on the time of day you're surfing the net. That's right! The "when" of shopping for a travel deal matters. The money savings might not be spectacular, but those extra dollars could mean the difference between enjoying one more nice lunch at a sit-down restaurant and milling around an outdoor hotdog stand on the last day of your trip. Try searching for online travel bargains early in the morning and late at night.

It also pays to be creative when you're buying multiple tickets. If an airline has two cheap seats left on a flight and you need four seats total, you're likely to be quoted the higher rate for all four seats instead of being offered a two and two split. To make sure you're getting the best picture of what's really out there (so you can be the one who strategizes the seating arrangements), check for single seat pricing to see if you can work a deal for at least part of your airfare.

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