5 Tips for Saving Money on Family Plane Tickets

Family travel should be a fun time!
Family travel should be a fun time!
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Families on the move need reliable transportation, and nothing beats flying for convenience. If you've ever spent eight hours (or more) traveling with a couple of unruly kids in a car and rocking to the endless beat of: "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I have to pee!" then you know that some conveniences are worth the price. There are tradeoffs to flying over driving, though. The friendly skies aren't quite as friendly as they used to be. Flying can take a big bite out of your family vacation budget if you aren't careful, and amenities like a meal and plenty of room for extra carry-ons is a thing of the past if you expect them to come with the purchase price of your ticket.

Let's explore five ways you can find the best plane fare for the whole family. Knowing a few tricks will help keep your money in your pocket -- so you'll have a little extra to spend on fun stuff once you get where you're going.

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