5 Tips for Finding Good Budget Dentistry

Dental care costs can quickly add up.
Dental care costs can quickly add up.

"Happiness is your dentist telling you it won't hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill," said late-night talk show host and comedian Johnny Carson. This joke works because it implies karmic retribution for a dentist with no concern for his patient's comfort. But what about the real pain of dentistry: that cramping pain you feel in your wallet at the check-out counter -- a pain that lingers for months and even years after you leave the office? Perhaps Carson's joke should be revised to read: "Happiness is your dentist telling you your visit will be cheap and then having him break his $20,000 drill."

Jokes aside, dentistry doesn't have to be painful, at least not financially. Well, OK, maybe it'll hurt a little. That's because, unlike the price of a gallon of gas, which varies only 3 cents in a 10-mile radius, dental care spans a range from pricey to frugal, sometimes (illogically) for the same procedure.

Keep reading to discover how you can stay on the cheap side of your teeth.

Finance Planning Tips

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