5 Tips for Finding Budget Family Vacation Deals

Budget Family Vacation Tip 2: Dig In for Discounts

Various discounts are available for Disney travelers.
Various discounts are available for Disney travelers.
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Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., is one of the most popular family vacation destination spots in the United States [source: U.S. News]. A visit to the Magic Kingdom doesn't cost a king's ransom, but it's a pretty penny nevertheless: an average of roughly $500 per day for a four-person family [source: Wiley]. That figure includes hotel, theme park admission and food.

Is it possible to pal around with Mickey and friends for less? Of course! Disney parks are a prime example of the smorgasbord of destination discounts that await intrepid bargain hunters. Is anyone in your family a teacher, college student, current or former member of the U.S. armed forces, or a corporate employee? If so, discounts can apply at Disney or anywhere else you'd like to visit. Also, consider child or senior status; alumni memberships; professional, auto and leisure club memberships; religious affiliations and any other associations that might come with pricing perks. Joining forces with extended family members and friends can also help you qualify for thriftier group rates. Just be sure to verify any discount policies before you set your plans in stone.