5 Tips for Finding Budget Family Vacation Deals

Budget Family Vacation Tip 3: Know Where to Save Online

Travel savings abound online.
Travel savings abound online.
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Planning a family vacation on the cheap is just a WiFi connection away. The Internet swarms with specialized budget travel sites that can cater to your travel needs and interests, but don't just stick with Google searches and site links. When you find a savvy savings site, subscribe to its RSS feed for up-to-date info and e-mail alerts tailored to your dream destination.

Have a favorite travel guru or bargain trip expert? Become his or her friend -- on social media, that is. Consider Twitter your personal portal to budget family vacation tips [source: Bailey]. Even a simple "budget travel" query will call up countless travel thrifty tweeps to peruse. And if you're searching around for ways to save once you and your family reach your destination, don't forget to check out local coupon and deal sites, as well as their complementary social media outlets, to discover even more discounts.