5 Tips for Finding Budget Family Vacation Deals

Hunting for family vacation deals can pay off.
Hunting for family vacation deals can pay off.
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Memories made on family vacations may be priceless, but the getaways themselves can cost an arm and a leg. The average tab for a family of four to spend six nights away from home amounts to $3,000 -- and that doesn't even include food and fun [source: Lee]. Thankfully, trimming travel costs isn't rocket science; selecting destinations close to home, bringing along snacks and setting out during off-peak seasons are all quick and simple ways to save.

But to free up significant spending room in recession-strained family budgets, a little more planning can take you and yours the extra mile -- or more. While it's handy to know how to slim down traveling expenses, knowing where to sniff out family vacation deals is equally useful for the bottom line. The following five family vacation deal-hunting tips will help you plot a budget-friendly path to the nearest beach or the farthest hilltop.

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