5 Mother-Daughter Shopping Tips


Agree to Disagree

It'd be so much easier if we could all just agree, wouldn't it? Actually, one of the most important roles you play in each other's lives developmentally is in providing opposing viewpoints -- that's why although it's tempting to want to be BFFs with your mom or daughter, psychologists don't recommend it.

These opposing viewpoints can be tough to deal with -- in fact, according to child development and family studies professor Karen Fingerman, they're more common earlier in the mother-daughter relationship than they are as you both age. Unfortunately, this dynamic means that you just may clash at times.

But that's no reason to let a disagreement ruin your whole shopping trip. Simply moving on from an argument that's going nowhere fast can help you avoid creating new hiccups in your relationship and set the stage for a new and improved mother-daughter team later in life. According to a study by Pennsylvania State University, the mother-daughter relationship is one of the strongest interpersonal bonds that exists, with 80 to 90 percent of women reporting good relationships with their mothers at mid-life. Take advantage of that strength, and move on from an argument to bigger and better things. More about that on the next page.