5 Mother-Daughter Shopping Tips


Avoid Shopping Landmines

You've heard that history repeats itself, right? That's why the first step to ensuring a successful mother-daughter shopping trip is to think about your last one. Did a set of tableware cause a meltdown, or did you barely avoid blows over whose favorite mall to visit? Although we'd all love it if our previous problems disappeared with each shopping excursion, sometimes the best way to keep the peace is to avoid known triggers. And no matter what your shopping history looks like, there are some stores that no one should patronize with a family member. Let's face it: Some things are just better left unmentioned.

Unmentionables, for example. Look, if you're comfortable browsing the panty aisle together post-middle school, we salute you. But when it comes to sexy lingerie, we'd rather not know what's a staple in our family members' wardrobes. Just take our word for it and steer clear of this one.

But as much as you prepare, some conflicts just spring up from nowhere; keep your chin up and take down those lessons for next time. And for more tips on how to make sure there is a next time, read on.